Why Tapp?

Outsourcing your server infrastructure to the Cloud has the potential of saving you a large amount of costs for buying and maintaining your hardware infrastructure. Furthermore, your infrastructure in the Cloud will be able to flexibly grow with your needs.

Unfortunately, managing the server infrastructure on the Cloud is a complex task, requiring not only good general system administration skills, but also technical knowledge of the programming interface of the cloud provider that you choose. Furthermore, you will have to keep an overview of the different terms and conditions of the different cloud providers in order to make an economically sound choice. And finally, you have to beware of vendor lock-in: Once the infrastructure is set up for a cloud provider, it may be hard to migrate it to other cloud providers later.

Besol's web platform Tapp introduces a management layer between your server infrastructure and the underlying cloud providers. It provides a management platform tailored for the needs of infrastructures that are deployed in the Cloud, and makes managing your server infrastructure a breeze. At the same time, it helps you finding your way through the jungle of the technical and commercial details of the different cloud providers, while keeping your infrastructure independent from a specific choice of cloud provider.