Migration Brokerage

(Future release)

Tapp supports several cloud providers (Amazon Web Services, GoGrid, Linode and Rackspace for the moment) and allows homogeneous configuration management over all of them. So if you have deployed your server with Tapp on a cloud provider and find out there is another cloud provider offering better suited to your needs you could just deploy your server configuration on the second one and remove it from the original. We call this process of changing the server plan or offering of a server a cloud migration.

This approach however does not take into account that the server data must be migrated as well to the destination provider. Right now, to perform a successful migration you could define shell scripts on your server template to migrate the data. In the following months Tapp will release a functionality that will aggregate the server configuration and generic data migration in just one migration feature.

Knowing when to and where to migrate is an even more complex problem. Cloud IaaS offerings vary a great deal in price and offered resources, and that makes it difficult to recognize the server plan on the market best suited to your needs. Tapp, though, is knowledgeable about both cloud offering prices and your resource needs, as it monitors your servers resource usage. In a few months we will release Migration Broker, a feature that will periodically inform you of the best suited cloud server offering for each and every one of your servers, and allow you to start your server's migration.