Tapp is a web platform for the management of server infrastructure deployed in the Cloud. In order to make the management of your infrastructure in the Cloud as simple as possible, while at the same time keeping your infrastructure independent of any specific cloud provider technology, it provides the following features:

1. Provider independent Configuration of Servers

The building blocks for your server configuration in Tapp are the services: packages of modular codified system administration. Combine a set of these services with a choice of an operating system and, possibly, a set of shell scripts to execute during boot, shutdown or in operation state, and your server blueprint is ready. Note that it is independent of which cloud provider you choose to run the server on.

2. Cloud Monitoring

The importance of keeping an overview of the server infrastructure and of its resource use is fundamental. In, Tapp you can organize your servers into workspaces and get an overview of the Internet domain structure, the relevant events on your servers and the used templates on workspace level. But most importantly, your servers, whichever cloud provider they run on, are monitored by Tapp to give you an overview of their use of CPU, memory, storage and network usage in clearly arranged diagrams.

3. Direct Shell Access to the Server

Tapp allows you to log into an ssh shell on the server from the web interface with a single click. In that way, you can perform your administrative tasks on the server comfortably through the browser.

4. DNS Administration

Tapp includes an interface to manage the Internet domains, host names and IP addresses of your cloud infrastructure, so you do not need to set up your own DNS server. This allows for Tapp to seamless control in automatic manner your cloud servers and its domain name associations with it.