Infrastructure Management

Deploying your application on the cloud is something more than managing its software configuration, it involves the cloud infrastructure configuration:

DNS configuration

Servers deployed on the cloud need to communicate with each other or with the outside world. Tapp includes an interface to manage the Internet domains, host names and IP addresses of your cloud infrastructure, so you do not need to set up your own DNS server. This again, is completely independent from the cloud provider that the individual servers are using.

Secure-access environments

Security is a concern on every kind of environment, and even more so on cloud-deployed ones. Tapp provides you with tools to define secure firewall and SSH-access configurations for your workspaces, which are aggregations of your servers on the cloud.

Server deployment

Once you have defined your DNS configuration, your workspaces and your templates, cloud server can be deployed and managed with just a few mouse clicks through Tapp's dynamic web interface.