Vendor Locking

Deploying the server infrastructure on the Cloud bears the risk of locking you in to a specific cloud provider. You will use the cloud provider's technologies and specific routines to set up the software for that cloud provider, so that migrating the infrastructure to another vendor will turn out to be difficult. Vendor lock-in can be a problem for the following reasons:

  • Your needs will change, and the market of cloud providers is competitive, so at some moment, another cloud provider might be better suited for your needs or simply offer cheaper prices.

  • Or, in the short term, you may find that your cloud provider has a service interruption.


Tapp helps you avoid vendor lock-in, as it serves as an independent and uniform management layer between your server infrastructure and the cloud providers.

  • It abstracts from the specific operating system installations of the cloud providers and lets you choose the operating system independently of the provider.

  • It abstracts from the cloud-provider specific technologies of system configuration and offers you an easy way of managing your server configurations by way of services and templates.

In this way, migrating to another cloud provider is as simple as starting up a server template with a different cloud provider and migrating the backup data into the server.


White paper: How_tapp_can_avoid_vendor_locking.pdf